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I don’t think Norse mythology ever explicity states what it is that Sigyn rules over, as a goddess. It is, of course, totally possible that I am mistaken - I am no authority, by any means. I just don’t remember having ever seen that distinction made in anything I’ve read thus far. The only similiar thing I can think of is that her name roughly means “victorious” or the kenning “Incantation Fetter” which, in all honesty, I can’t remember the origin of (I’m sure that when I discovered this bit of info it was accompanied by a source, but for the life of me I don’t know what that might have been or if it was, in fact, present).

As such, it’s very interesting to me to see what people associate her as being the goddess of (that was a weird sentence). I’ve seen goddess of fidelity, goddess of constancy, and a couple other things along those lines. From what I can infer these are all based on her relationship to Loki, specifically to the role she plays as far as the myth of his binding goes.

Anyhoo…this brought on by some Avanger’s-related art I saw and found interesting. But while I’m at it, I thought I would include a piece from Gangleri’s Grove, 73 Adorations to Sigyn.

On a happier note: my most recent published piece! Which, incidentally, was my response to writing prompt 57. Sacrifice. :)

"The media and popular culture have a direct impact on our girls’ hopes, dreams, ambitions and even safety. Every vitriolic word, every sexualized and violent image, gets mixed into a caustic brew which shapes the ever present messaging in our girls’ lives. The war of words scares our daughters away from running for office — tells them not to lead or seem over-zealous. The war of words frames our girls as sexual objects, valued by their appearance. The war of words decries women and girls deserving of controlling behaviors and violence. Do we wonder why women are moving backward in leadership measures, and increasingly becoming victims of violence at ever younger ages? It’s the messaging.”

Fellow pagan people and people interested in/passionate about LGBTQ issues and the way those issues are really just human issues which need to be explored and people interested in how issues from both communities collide, I offer you this free ebook filled with essays from people on both sides of the fence of issues surrounding transphobia in pagan communities! I haven’t made it far into it myself, as I am very tired and will be going to bed shortly, but what I have read thus far is nice and thought-provoking.

"These are the folks who hysterically scream“fascism!” and “death panels!” and demand the right to decide their own medical decisions for themselves without interference from either their neighbors or the government or anybody else’s church, but somehow believe that God told them to legislate a woman’s healthcare options, and most especially that aforementioned uterus. These are the kind of people who hold governmental hearings on women’s healthcare, and don’t allow a single woman to participate on the panel…

These are folks who rage loud and hysterically demand new laws to prevent the bronze age edicts of Middle Eastern religions from being imposed upon the women of America, despite absolutely no evidence in any way shape or form of that happening and Constitutional prohibitions specifically preventing it in the first place, but then vehemently protest and threaten violence when they aren’t allowed to impose the medieval misogyny of a religion from another part of the Middle East upon those very same women while they simultaneously denounce those very same Constitutional protections.”

I couldn’t have said it better. There are so many more things said in this which I wish to quote, but at that point you might as just read it for yourself.

I disagree with much of the language used here (I’m having trouble remembering the word I’m looking for which describes the nature of the language utilized…the best I can do is that there is a certain amount of “violence” inherent in it that kind of made me uncomfortable, but violence isn’t the right word) but I think the overall message is one that people need to hear and consider. The situation doesn’t need to be dramatized. It’s fucked up enough even put in the simplest terms: A trend of Republicans actively seeking “to deny women from receiving low-cost cancer screenings, maternity care, and contraception coverage” is making itself apparent, not only severely, negatively impacting women of low-income demographics but also undermining decades of work towards equality…need we say more?

Best friend of mine just shared this with me, and I am blown away. I mean…wow. These are brilliant.

Before work, catching up on some reading…and I think this article is beautiful and just generally amazing, not to mention that the artwork it centers around is gorgeous.

You see, back in the day before I was pagan, back when I still pretty hard-core about Christianity, there was one god who caught my attention outside of that very limited sphere, and it was Anpu. Throughout my growth and development and continuous learning as a pagan-to-the-core, I definitely feel like Anpu has been a constant presence - though distant, and not actively so. I only learned about the feminine aspect of Anpu a couple of years ago, and haven’t much pursued knowledge of her because, as is mentioned in the article, there really isn’t anything to go on, and I only just began having adventures in Unverified Personal Gnosis (it’s not really an option when you don’t believe in yourself enough to trust your experiences, you see). But now that I have started down that vein…who knows.

I wish I could purchase this piece, but I already have a piece of Lupa’s which I feel I don’t have the opportunity to work with nearly enough. And, as I said, Anpu is a very distant figure in my spirituality, albeit one of the most important. I would rather someone own this beautiful piece who would do her more justice than I would be able to. Besides…I am woefully poor as of now.

Which is why I have three jobs this month. >.<

I love the alliteration - just the perfect flavor! Not too much, not too little…juuuuust right. And the fast pace and beat of the poem make it a really fun one to read - not to mention that it feels like it sticks pretty true to the nature of a trickster in myth.

Of course I like it, though…it has Loki in it. And not in a totally demonic way. *gasp!* Is that even allowed?!