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In addition to the poem, this issue of EHA brings with it the release of the FIFTH AND FINAL PART IN MY DEVOTIONAL SERIES “BINDINGS”! Woopee! :D

When I started the project I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to finish it. Luckily I take my promises very seriously, and I made a promise to Loki to see this through. So here it is, the last piece, the story of Loki’s binding as told through Hela’s eyes.

Guess what happened today? Eternal Haunted Summer’s new issue went live for the equinox. :) I almost forgot that I had a poem in this issue in addition to a short story.

Once again my pagany/writery peeps! More open calls for submissions — you should check it out! There are other open calls on their website as well you might find interesting: one for Sekhmet, one for Mars and Aries, and one for Apollo.

So go check out ye all who do the pagan thing and the writer thing. It’s a good place.

Pagany writerly folk! Check it out! Pass it around!



I mentioned before that for some time I was operating within a spiritual framework that allowed me to justify the admittedly heartless way in which I began to approach writing. I don’t think the framework was necessarily to blame, despite this particular flaw in my relationship to it. Quite…

Hmmmmm….iiiinteresting. What do you think?

Fellow writerly, pagany folk! EHS has re-opened for summer soltice submissions! Last issue there was a bit of a shortage on the fiction and essays fronts, so anyone with some good fiction and essays to contribute should definitely do so to ensure that those genres are equally represented this summer. :)


Loki’s not a dick to his wives. I mean, I’m sure he has his moments (we all do in a relationship of pretty much any kind lol), but if I read *one* more story wherein Loki is abusive, in any way, shape or form to Glut, Angrboda, or Sigyn, I am going to….uh…well, I have a cold, so I’ll probably just…

Being in the very early stages of attempting for the hundredth to time to write a children’s story, this time with the characters being Loki’s daughter Eisa and Einmyria, I was bumbling about the interwebs to see if there was anything I had missed regarding mythology revolving around them and people’s UPG about them.

Instead I stumbled upon this and thought that it was good.

Gotta admit, my experience with Marvel and Thor and the Avengers is really limited to the movies and was only instigated by the fact that they just kept cropping up while I was doing some preliminary on line Loki research. I’m sure that what ever stories and depictions they have in their comics probably had an effect, but I think there is also probably a pretty good dose of people just generally having a bad impression of Loki. Hell, I had a bad impression of Loki initially. It’s why I put up such a fuss when it first occurred to me that he had taken some interest in me, for whatever reason.

I never really thought that Loki was abusive, but I had it in my mind that he wasn’t particularly good to Sigyn (the only wife I was aware of at that early stage). I don’t even know why. I had gotten it into my head at some point that Loki was the Norse equivalent of the Christian Satan and I remember hearing somewhere that the Joker was partially inspired by Loki (I have no idea where I heard that, I just know that it happened and I’ve seen no evidence that this is true anywhere) and if you inspire the Joker, you’ve gotta be bad, right?

Well, as I have done more research and had more personal experience I’ve discovered that pretty much every single one of those notions are false. A lot of people hold pretty tightly onto them, though, and a lot of them are people who ought to know better. I’ve seen a lot of people in the pagan community sneering at Loki as some sort of equivalent of Satan without seeming to realize that that has no place on a spiritual path that (I would hope) recognizes that nothing which occurs in nature is inherently evil (that is not to say that people can’t do evil deeds - but I’m not in the mood to philosophize).

Besides that, the surviving lore was written down, post-conversion, by Christians. The Christian influence is so glaringly obvious in the texts that I really am very baffled that so many people continue to argue that it is somehow pure and/or the only thing to live Nordic influenced spirituality by. The point of this being: Christianity has to have a good vs. evil dynamic. It doesn’t work without it (well, it would, and it would probably be way cooler, but it would decrease the power structure of the church so I guess we’re not gonna do that). Loki and his ilk are easy characters to cast as “evil,” considering that they don’t easily fit within the “good” box as constructed by Christian worldview.

That said, when you have such pervasive ideas floating around the ethosphere, making their way into your brain, you might jump to conclusions. That was my experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a common one.

My Wall and The Battle Against The Clutter

It used to be an eternally unfinished mural. Now it’s not.

I painted over it as part of an ongoing effort to slough off The Clutter. The unfinished mural on the wall, I realized, had become a part of The Clutter, as something that I was clinging to despite the fact that it didn’t need to be there, served no purpose, and meant nothing to me. It was just a project that I had started once and had never finished, and it wasn’t even what I’d wanted to create in the first place (the original mural idea had been belittled by a family member and, as a result, I was embarassed by the design and discarded it for something which this person found more acceptable…never mind the fact that they’ve spent maybe a grand total of an hour in my room in the past six years).

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