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I have a notion…

"For Valerie

All girls should have a poem
written for them even if
we have to turn this God-damn world
upside down to do it.

New Mexico
March 16, 1969”

by Richard Brautigan

I have a notion that I should say “Challenge accepted!” to our dearly departed Richard Brautigan. I won’t, because it’s not possible for me to write a poem for all the girls who live in this world, nonetheless…I’m going to devise a challenge for myself inspired by this short poem. Every day until the day of Halloween I’m going to write a poem about a woman in my life - either a woman I know or know of.

Yesterday I started with my great grandmother, whose name I don’t know and whose story I know very little about. All I know about her is that she was kicked in the head by a horse and suffered seizures afterward. She was put in an asylum and more or less abandoned there, until my grandmother went to see her some years later.

I haven’t been here in a while, and I may have deleted my livejournal, but when I saw this I thought it quite striking and wanted to share with the few pagan folk I have around.

True fact.

I’m thinking about pouring a glass of rum
And writing some before bed—
You know…
To get the ghosts out of my head.

And this one. ohmygodthisone.

This is perhaps one of my new favorite poems. The language and rhythm remind me of Shakespeare and the nature of the descriptions remind me of one of my favorite writers, Francesca Lia Block. It’s a beautiful poem, and a serious win.

Truly beautiful and vivid imagery in this poem for Hades, Greek god of the Underworld.

This is a winning poetic retelling of how Sif came by her golden hair and Loki’s lips were sewn.

3. Light

I saw you in the light, and I loved you.
I saw you in the light, and you radiated it.
I saw you in the light, and I danced with you.
I saw you in the light, and I kissed you.
I saw you in the light, and we lay beneath it.
I saw you in the light, and I gave you a child.

I saw you in the dark, and I hated you.
I saw you in the dark, and I raged against it.
I saw you in the dark, and I mourned our sons.
I saw you in the dark, and I was exhausted.
I saw you in the dark, and I remembered.
I saw you in the dark, and I remembered you in the light.

I saw you in the dark, and I loved you all the same.

Family Sometimes - An Ode to Sibling Infighting

A great gaping
Black gulf
Has opened between us.
I sigh
And open my arms wide
Because what will fighting it

I undermine you
You undermine me
Accept an insult
And in turn —
Is your tongue.

We are
So nature put us
Who I so infrequently see smile
And I
Who knows so little about

I know some secrets
Which were never mine to tell
Which I wish you would remember
For maybe then you would consider —
You expect the worst of me
While I expect the worst of you.

While I am feeling
So too are
When I accepted cristism
I suppose you saw it as defeat
So I called you

Still I feel unease
In your stiff and halting
When you try too hard —
Perhaps I should give you credit
For trying
Though I swear I saw you

I do suspect
You may already hate me
And, though I want to love you
I may be beginning to hate you, too.

The great black gulf will open too wide
For either of us to bridge.
I see it rolling on
I suppose that you must see it, too —
And as I watch it blunder on
Observing silently, as I vowed
I find myself in wonder:
Should one of us die,
Would either of us bother to cry?