Musings and Ramblings

Fellow writerly, pagany folk! EHS has re-opened for summer soltice submissions! Last issue there was a bit of a shortage on the fiction and essays fronts, so anyone with some good fiction and essays to contribute should definitely do so to ensure that those genres are equally represented this summer. :)

Fellow pagany/writery type peoples! Since I so often forget to keep informed about when EHS is open for submissions and get something ready I though I’d give y’all a heads up. Looks like they’re open for their summer solstice issue until June 1st, so let’s get writing!

On a happier note: my most recent published piece! Which, incidentally, was my response to writing prompt 57. Sacrifice. :)


What stories should you send to Penumbra?

“Penumbra publishes speculative fiction that always culminates in something unexpected - a flash of humor in the darkest tale or a fantasy piece that goes against the tropes—always something that hovers right on the periphery of the eclipse. Penumbra is looking for speculative fiction that’s unexpected and adventurous. We don’t want the same old short stories—we want funny horror stories, or fantasy with a modern theme, or science fiction that takes the reader someplace they really didn’t expect to go…even if its their own kitchen at home.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m excited. :)