Musings and Ramblings
My Wall and The Battle Against The Clutter

It used to be an eternally unfinished mural. Now it’s not.

I painted over it as part of an ongoing effort to slough off The Clutter. The unfinished mural on the wall, I realized, had become a part of The Clutter, as something that I was clinging to despite the fact that it didn’t need to be there, served no purpose, and meant nothing to me. It was just a project that I had started once and had never finished, and it wasn’t even what I’d wanted to create in the first place (the original mural idea had been belittled by a family member and, as a result, I was embarassed by the design and discarded it for something which this person found more acceptable…never mind the fact that they’ve spent maybe a grand total of an hour in my room in the past six years).

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